When to use it

When query design is not the root cause

An SSAS server may encounter periods of poor performance when an administrator may not know specific cause. During investigation, profiler traces are collected from the server, and performance monitor data also using the PerfMon counter objects related to Analysis Services (and also disk, network, memory and process related counter objects too). All data collected in this way should be considered when investigating performance issues, but one common cause may be long running queries from specific reports or jobs – often due to suboptimal query design rather than to actual necessary resource utilization inherent to the data being requested.

When query design is the root cause

In these cases when query redesign can improve performance the gain can often be significant, even shocking. A poorly designed calculation in a query can degrade performance even thousands of times beyond its necessary execution time, sometimes failing entirely to render datasets that should be simply retrieved otherwise. In other cases, such good fortune eludes the determined performance troubleshooter, but modifications to existing queries can still often achieve significant gains in overall performance.

How this tool can help

This tool is designed to help in the process of identifying those queries with the longest execution times, and then in working with them during the next steps of the troubleshooting process.

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